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Pumpkin's Translation List

Drama CD


The Misfit Go by OLDCODEX (Arata Kangatari ED)

Pumpkin's Piano Sheet Music Transcription List

14 to 1 - Brothers Conflict ED song
BelovedXSurvival by Gero - Brothers Conflict OP song
Crystal Time by Ichinose Tokiya (UtaPri Maji Love 2000%)
Happiness by Aijima Cecil (UtaPri Maji Love 2000%)
Splash Free - Free! ED song
Track 2 何度でも繰り返すと思っていた朝日 from Devil Survivor 2 The Animation OST 1
Track 7 終焉への幕開け from Devil Survivor 2 The Animation OST 1
Track 10 アルコルとヤマト from Devil Survivor 2 The Animation OST 2
Track 19 輝く者 from Devil Survivor 2 The Animation OST 1

Pumpkin's Song of the Day (PSotD)

100man-kai no Ai Kakumei (Revolution)! by Marginal #4
Ai Kotoba by Hatsune Miku  feat. mirto (DECO*27)
Ai Kotoba by Hatsune Miku feat. Shounen-T (DECO*27)
Blood Teller by Faylan
Boku no Invitation by JP
Butterfly by On/Off
Cantata Mortis & God in Fire by Takeharu Ishimoto, Tsuyoshi Sekito, Mitsuto Suzuki
Capsule by Mix Speaker's Inc.
Catal Rhythm by OLDCODEX
Chiranai Hana by Aika Yoshioka
Code Geass R1 OST 1 by Nakagawa Koutarou
Continued Story by Hitomi Kuroishi
Corruption Garden by Megurine Luka (CAZ)
Dancer in the Dark by Megurine Luka (fatman-P)
Dark Shame by Granrodeo
Darkness Night by Karen Guy's
D-Techno Life by UVERworld
Hajimaru no wa, Sayonara by On/Off
Hard drive music by Taku Iwasaki
Haruka Nichijou no Nakade by Suwabe Junichi
Hello! by Kaji Yuuki
Hello Strobe by Hatsune Miku (PowapowaP)
Henai no rondo by GRANRODEO
Hide and Seek by Kaitou Tatsuya
Immoral by Piko
Inner Universe (Remix by The Enigma TNG) by Origa
Izayoi Namida by Aika Yoshioka
Just a Game by Gumi (takamatt)
KINGS by angela
Killer Machine by Hatsune Miku (8#Prince)
Knocking on the mind by Hijirikawa Masato
Koyoi, Tsuki ga Miezu tomo by Porno Graffitti
Like a Bird by Hitomi Kuroishi
Lover Searcher by Nobuhiko Okamoto
Magenta Another Sky by Hitomi Harada
Magnet by Gakupo & Luka (minato/ryuuseiP)
Mai Kaze by Aika Yoshioka
Mirai Chizu by Otoya Ittoki and others
Monochrome Ride by Hatsune Miku (Kameria)
Moonlight by Miyano Mamoru
Mosaic Kakera by SunSet Swish
My Pace by Sunset Swish
Namae no nai Kaibutsu by Egoist (Supercell)
Never Meant to Belong by Shiro Sagisu
Only My Railgun by fripSide
Piano Concerto No. 2, Op. 18 Mvt. 1 - Moderato by Sergei Rachmaninoff
Pokemon Theme Song by Jason Paige
Pop Songs by Jan Lamb
Ray of Shine by Kuroko and Aomine
Reminiscence by Oshima Michiru
Rimfire by Granrodeo
Rondo of the Possible World by Hatsune Miku (millstones)
secret base 〜君がくれたもの〜 (10 years after ver.) by Ai Kayano, Haruka Tomatsu, and Saori Hayami
Shiawase Neiro by ORANGE RANGE
Shiny Tail by Mix Speaker's Inc.
Snow Harp by Megurine Luka (FuyuP)
Start it right away by Hyadain
St. Matthew Passion BWV 244 by Johann Sebastian Bach
Stories by Hitomi Kuroishi
Takenoko Disco by Hatsune Miku (Ravuri-P)
Tell Your World by Hatsune Miku (livetune)
Thank you by Miyano Mamoru
Time to Rock and Roll by Taku Iwasaki
Thousand Enemies by Girls Dead Monster
Try by P!nk
Wherever You Are by ONE OK ROCK
Yume no Ukifune by Aika Yoshioka

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