To become an affiliate of My Bubbletea Time you must first comply with the following guidelines:
  • Your website must be related to the topics covered in this blog (anime, technology, vocaloid or music)
  • You must provide a 250x60px image as a banner to be placed on our sidebar
  • Your website must be regularly updated

Banner Examples:


Once we have verified your request and accepted the affiliation, we request that you provide a link (or use our banner) on your website that directs to My Bubbletea Time. When that has been completed we will add your banner to our sidebar.

Terms and Conditions:

  • The banner must be 250x60px (no other dimensions allowed unless we specify so)
  • The banner must be in color
  • The banner must be in JPG or PNG file format
  • My Bubbletea Time reserves the right to approve or reject your banner upon receival
  • My Bubbletea Time reserves the right to remove your banner at any time without notice

Contact Us:

Send an email to [email protected] with your details and we shall contact you as soon as possible.