About Us

About the Blog

My Bubbletea Time started as a personal blog by MegaBubbletea on 26 January 2012. Before long, pumpkin_so77 and Rhycen were invited to collaborate to transform My Bubbletea Time into a community blog. The blog's main objective is to share thoughts based on news and topics of the Technology world. As such, anime, music, Android, Linux and much more are discussed in the daily posts by the team. The blog is meant to express the team's personal opinions and in no way intended to offend anyone regardless of age, gender and type.

Meet The Team

Name: Diluen Cheong
Alias: MegaBubbletea
Role: Founder/Administrator
Topics: Android, Technology, Music, Life
Weapon of Choice: Sony Xperia Z2
MegaBubbletea is the founder and lead administrator of My Bubbletea Time. What started as a personal blog led to a small community of bloggers that covers a wide range of topics. MegaBubbletea has always been interested in technology from a very young age. He currently owns an Android.

Name: Jessica Chan
Alias: pumpkin_so77
Role: Author
Topics: Anime, Vocaloid, Music
Weapon of Choice: Moto G
pumpkin_so77 can be considered one of those otaku types that just love to watch anime all day, read manga everywhere and listen to all sorts of Jap music. Her specialties in contributing to the blog are 'Anime', 'Vocaloid' and 'Music'. She currently owns an Android as well.

Name: Richard A. Berrios
Alias: Rocky
Role: Ex-Author (April 2013)
Topics: Anime, Life
Weapon of Choice: Samsung
Rocky is your typical guy who loves to invest too much time on his hobbies. He loves almost any type of music, loves reading and to participate in pointless arguments. His main hobby is to watch anime, he spends more time that he'd like to admit in watching anime. He loves almost anything to do with animation. He mainly contributes to anime themed blogs. He currently own an Android as well.

Name: Sarah Kon
Alias: Serah
Role: Guest Author
Topics: Anime, Cosplay, Food
Weapon of Choice: Samsung Galaxy S4
Sarah a.k.a Serah is the new girl in town. She loves to cosplay as a hobby and she is interest in anime, manga and games! Serah mainly covers anime and cosplay related content on the blog. She currently owns an Android.

Name: Wilson
Alias: Rhycen
Role: Ex-Author
Topics: Games
Weapon of Choice: Samsung Galaxy Note II
Rhycen is dead serious when it comes to gaming. Putting homework aside and putting on those headphones means serious business. Rhycen mainly contributes to the 'Games' topics. He currently does not own an Android.