May 28, 2015

PS Vita considered legacy device!?

During today at Sony’s Investor Relations Day, Andrew House, Sony Computer Entertainment and Global CEO, has declared the PSVita as a "legacy platform" outside of Japan and Asia. The PSVita has failed to meet Sony’s expectation in the west while PS4 in the west has continue to outpace Sony's expectation. Futile attempts to use indie titles and promoting remote play with PS4 has failed to bring PSVita sales up to expectation. So what does this mean? Outside of Japan and Asia, Sony will no longer bring major commitment and investment towards the PSVita.

I personally own a Vita and I love that device. It will be sad to see this machine die a slow lonely death. In the meantime, I will still enjoying the various JRPG and Japanese games that truly make up what the Vita is all about.