March 31, 2015

New Gmail update for Android brings a unified inbox, conversation view and much more

All Inboxes View - Final
Google has just announced a new update to Gmail for Android that will make it easier to manage multiple accounts at one time, especially for folks who use non-Gmail accounts. Also in the update, Google has added improvements to the auto-complete feature when searching for keywords, more fluid animations and better Drive integration.

Most notably, Gmail is getting a unified inbox option witch will allow you to view all of your inboxes in one place – even for Yahoo and Outlook accounts. If you’d like to access the new feature, you’ll need to slide out the navigation drawer and select the “All Inboxes” option. Additionally, the new update brings the popular Conversation View feature to all of your connected Yahoo, Outlook and other IMAP/POP accounts.
Conversations View Final
Google has also improved the auto-complete feature when searching for keywords, which will allow you to find the correct email even faster. A few other fixes have made their way to Gmail, including more responsive animations when you open and close a conversation, larger attachment previews and the ability to save emails to Google Drive with just a single tap.

Google didn't clarify when the update would begin rolling out, so it may be a few days before it makes its way to your device.

[Source: Android Authority]

Google will now integrate all of your photos and videos from Google+ into Drive

If you use Google+ and Google Drive, you'd know that the two are oddly disconnected when it comes to photo and video sharing. But starting today, that experience is about to get much more refined. Google has just announced that the photos and videos you have uploaded to your Google+ account will soon begin to show up in Google Drive. As long as you have auto backup turned on in your Google+ settings, you'll immediately begin to see new photos appear in your Drive account. Existing photos and videos will start to show up in your account over the next few weeks.