October 31, 2015

[Tech/Life] The Day I Turned to the Dark Side

I must admit, I was an anti-Apple guy a few years back and would absolutely not buy an Apple device even if my life dependant on it. But very recently, I've been drawn by the dark side and have been consumed by it. How did that happen to an avid Android fan? Well, here is my story in black and white.

The iPad Air 2 (Space Gray)
A year back my Nexus 7 (2012) was getting old and after the Kit Kat update it was nearing it's limits. The system was running quite slow and lag was rampant, I had pretty much given up using it as a primary tablet device. So I was tabletless so to speak. I stopped using any kind of tablet for a little while even after the Nexus 9 came out. I didn't really want a Samsung tablet (as they're known for bloatware and slow UI) and there wasn't really other viable tablets that could compare with the iPad. Even the most fanatical of Android users would admit that nothing beats the iPad at the moment. After looking around for all the Android alternatives, in the end, I resorted to the iPad Air 2.

The Air 2 was a great premium device and I instantly enjoyed using it. I've never fully explored iOS properly so this was my chance to look in every nook and cranny of the operating system. Even though iOS is quite limited in functionality and customisability, the system was really responsive and smooth. Everything just worked. Compared to Android tablets, the iPad just dominated in terms of design and interaction.

I could say the same about iPhone, but to a lesser degree. Sure enough there's a few big contenders that could take on the iPhone 6s on the market, but it really comes down to personal enjoyment of use and the overall design and feel of the phone. I'd say right now the only big player that could compete with Apple is Samsung with the iPhones against the Galaxies/Galaxys.

So after years of rotating through different brands of Android (LG Optimus, Motorola Milestone 2, HTC One X, Samsung Galaxy Note 2, Sony Xperia Z2) I finally arrive at the ultimate decision of whether I should give iPhone a fair go. Just recently my friend's second hand iPhone 5s died and he was looking for a new phone. On an impulse decision he chose the Sony Xperia Z5 over the iPhone 6s instead. As soon as he left the store the problems started.

The Sony Xperia Z5 is by no means a bad device. It's a really good flagship phone for Sony and is definitely worth a look at. The camera on the Z5 is top of the range and the design is still simple as ever. The issues my friend was having was that the CPU was underperforming on the device. Gaming was laggy and there's noticeable framerate drops here and there. Battery life was appalling as well, within an hour of usage he was down from 100% to 88% battery life. The Z5 would also heat up very fast with only one phone call. Yes, it's a great device on paper, but the hardware and software wasn't optimised to perform at its peak.

After replacing the phone twice, my friend finally upgraded to the iPhone 6s. He instantly loved it and knew he should have made the right choice in the first place. With his extreme enthusiasm and convincing, I finally gave in and bought myself an iPhone 6s. I said a sad goodbye to my trusty Sony Xperia Z2 and turned on my newly bought iPhone 6s.

So that's my short little story of how I turned to the dark side. I could go on and on about the differences between Android and Apple but I won't do that here. I will say though, that I will miss the openess and customisability of Android and I a still a little skeptical of the iPhone. We'll see in due time after 6 months of using this little device.