September 30, 2015

[Tech] Looking into Sony Xperia Z5, Android 6.0, the new Chromecast, OS X El Capitan, and more!

If you have been keeping up with the latest tech news on the net, you may have come across news of Sony's latest flagship phone the Xperia Z5 being released soon. Not only that, Google reveals Android 6.0 Marshmallow and the new Chromecast along with the Nexus 5X and 6P; finally, OS X El Capitan is soon to be released. That was a mouthful. Here's the breakdown of each news item in a summary.

Looking at the Sony Xperia Z5

Sony has been hinting its next flagship phone for a while now and its no surprise that it has continued its 2 phones per year rapid release cycle.

For those who is asking what happened to the Z4? It was released in Japan back at the start of the year but was rebranded as the "Z3+" to global variants. Anyway, the Xperia Z5 brings Sony back into the game boasting a 4K screen and upgraded camera.

I really want one these Sony Xperia Z5s so I really can't wait for it to come out later this year in November (the Premium version).

What's new in Android 6.0 Marshmallow

Android 6.0 Marshmallow is Android's next operating system. This new update brings many new features to the table such as Contextual Assistance, improved battery saving,  advanced security & privacy, improved application performance, better productivity, and more system usability improvements.

Yes, it's definitely a huge leap in the right direction of locking down your private information on your device whilst letting you be more productive on whatever you are doing on your Android device. I can't wait for this new release!

Chromecast and Nexus 5X/6P

It was no secret that the next generation of Chromecast was in the works. What was surprising was that along with it was Chromecast Audio, a device that lets you stream music on older Hi-Fi systems. I won't go into much detail about the new Chromecast devices but I can assure you it is definitely worth the upgrade from your existing Chromecast.

Along with Chromecast comes Google's next flagship device: Nexus 5X and Nexus 6P. Again, I won't go into much detail but the Nexus 5X is built by LG whereas the 6P is built by Huawei. If you want more information, just Google the devices and you'll be pounded with lots of info.

OS X El Capitan's imminent release

 Apple's next update of OS X will be released tomorrow. There's plenty of refinements and improvements to system performance in this update. But check out the Apple release page for more information and availability.