June 23, 2015

Dropbox update v3.0 brings in Material Design


The Dropbox team has pushed v3.0 for the masses! The Dropbox Android app received an update with Material Design only some weeks ago, but it was exclusive to beta users. Today the company decides to take things to the next level and introduce Google’s design language to the masses.

The new update to the Dropbox app is labelled as version 3.0, and the change in design seems to be the only main improvement. This is one huge change, though. The interface looks much cleaner, and the navigation menu makes it much easier to roam around the application. Not to mention, it’s so much easier to find that floating action button, as opposed to looking all over the app just to upload a photo.


Dropbox's latest update is currently rolling out to Google Play Store users. You should get your update soon!