February 25, 2015

Google steps up anti-malware initiatives with updates to Chrome and Search

Google already shows a warning message when you attempt to download malicious software, and the search giant is now expanding its efforts with the SafeBrowsing initiative to protect you from visiting websites that are flagged for malware. Chrome has been updated to display a new warning message to users visiting a website flagged by Google, and Google Search's ranking signals now feature the ability to automatically identify whether a site has malicious content.

The changes ensure users don't see sites that offer malware in search results on Google, and in scenarios where a user is browsing to a site with known malware content, Chrome will throw the following message:
Google Chrome malware message
Google has also announced that it will disable Google Ads that lead to "sites with unwanted software." The search giant is urging site owners to register with Google's Webmaster Tools, stating that doing so will give site admins the ability to monitor their websites for any malicious content.

[Source: Android Central]