December 13, 2015

[Life] Yes, this blog is dead.

Well hello there! If you're reading this, you must be one of our rare visitors to the site! Ever since this blog started, there's been fun times and sad times. It was pretty much my life when I was still at university and even now, I've been trying to keep it going regularly as possible. But you know, nothing lasts forever and you have to move on with life.

I had plenty of free time back in the day to play around with the blog and post regular content. I even had a few helpers too! Without motivation though, nothing gets posted; and that's what this blog has become. I've been too busy with life and my full time job to focus on keeping this blog going continuously.

It's sad to say that it maybe time to close down the blog for good. It's been a great 3 years (nearly 4 now) and I'm grateful for our regular/occasional visitors who come on the site. I'll still keep it running though and maybe occasionally post a new update or Chrome theme but it'll still be pretty inactive. Thanks again for all your support!

- MegaBubbletea

November 17, 2015

[Life] Life and LoL

So I know I haven't been updating the blog much lately. It's that time of year when everything piles up and life gets extremely busy. There's little motivation to keep this blog going everyday, and mostly, I'm just copying interest articles found on the web. Anyhow, I recently started picking up LoL again. A few of my friends decided to create a ranked team group for this game named "Spray and Wipe" with the shortcode of [Ajax]. LOL. We'll see how this group goes, and maybe one day we'll make it to the world finals (ha!).

October 31, 2015

[Tech/Life] The Day I Turned to the Dark Side

I must admit, I was an anti-Apple guy a few years back and would absolutely not buy an Apple device even if my life dependant on it. But very recently, I've been drawn by the dark side and have been consumed by it. How did that happen to an avid Android fan? Well, here is my story in black and white.

September 30, 2015

[Tech] Looking into Sony Xperia Z5, Android 6.0, the new Chromecast, OS X El Capitan, and more!

If you have been keeping up with the latest tech news on the net, you may have come across news of Sony's latest flagship phone the Xperia Z5 being released soon. Not only that, Google reveals Android 6.0 Marshmallow and the new Chromecast along with the Nexus 5X and 6P; finally, OS X El Capitan is soon to be released. That was a mouthful. Here's the breakdown of each news item in a summary.

September 27, 2015

Chrome Theme: Joukamachi no Dandelion - Akane

So after finished watching Joukamachi no Dandelion I felt like creating a Chrome theme. Well, here it is! Enjoy.

September 25, 2015

[Life] Xperia Z2 camera still going strong

Hey guys, it's been a while since I did a proper "Life" post on the blog. Lots been happening to the lives of the MBT team. For one, has found a job in the real world since April and has been busily working everyday since. With my life been hectic, it's been hard to keep up with keeping the blog updated and social life running. I've dropped my position as Owner on the GAC (Google+ Anime Community) and been focusing more on more important matters.

Anyway, moving on, it's time to make a quick update to the blog. Here it is. A picture taken from my Sony Xperia Z2. It's good to know this 1 year old phone is still running fine on Android Lollipop! Most phones start degrading in performance after 1 - 2 years but Sony seems to have done a good job in keeping the simple simple and less bloated compared to some other companies (looking at you, Samsung!).

Well, as for the future of MBT, we'll still be around. Currently I'm doing a huge overhaul of the MBT website with Rhycen. It's going to be modern, clean and simple. The blog will be revamped and some new sections will be added to the website. I am also planning for a proper full portfolio-type integration of my Chrome themes to the MBT redesign. Can't wait for it to be finished! MegaBubbletea, out!

September 19, 2015

This is Ubuntu 14.10's New Wallpaper

The official wallpaper for Ubuntu 14.10 Wily Werewolf has been unveiled, and here it is!

September 13, 2015

Chrome Theme: DanMachi - Hestia

So here's another Chrome theme for everyone to enjoy. It's Hestia from DanMachi (search it up if you don't know it). Again, enjoy!

September 3, 2015

Sony unveils the Xperia Z5

Sony has unveiled the world's first Ultra HD smartphone; the Sony Xperia Z5 Premium that is designed to do 4K video recording and playback. Sony has also released the 4.6-inch Z5 Compact with a 720p display, the 5.2-inch Z5 with a 1080p display and the 5.5-inch Z5 premium with Ultra HD (4K) display. Pricing is yet to available so you'll have to wait a little while longer to get your hands on the Z5.

The smartphone features an aluminium bezel with a glass front and frosted glass back. Whilst the battery is unremovable, you still have the option to expand the memory with the MicroSD slot. The USB port has been moved to the bottom and the handset is still waterproof up to 1.5 meters for 30 minutes.

The Z5 ships with Android 5.1.1 with very few modifications. Part of the minimal design reveals a fingerprint reader built into the power button on the side of the phone. As like many other Android devices, there are no physical buttons on the front of the device.

Sony also boasts a two day battery life with the Z5 and also a redesigned 23-megapixel camera with a larger sensor. Sony also claims the Z5 models offer the world's fastest smartphone auto-focus ensuring that there's less lag between pressing the shutter button and capturing of the image.

The Xperia Z5 will be a revolutionary device and we hope that it will live up to it's designs.

August 22, 2015

Firefox Will Soon Be Compatible with Chrome Extensions

Google Chrome extensions will soon be 'largely compatible' with Firefox, Mozilla has announced.

The browser is introducing a new extension API that will make it easier for developers to create extensions that run across multiple browsers and better protect users from rogue add-ons and malware.

Called WebExtension, the new API is Blink-compatible, better documented and easier to use. It will make it easier for developers who build extensions for Opera and Google Chrome to bring them to Firefox with minimal changes needed.

Mozilla say that many existing Firefox add-ons will need to be redeveloped from scratch.

While they plan to “work with the community to improve and finalize the WebExtensions API, and […] help developers of unsupported add-ons make the transition to newer APIs and multi-process support,” the news of a reset is unlikely to go down well.

Support for XPCOM- and XUL-based Firefox add-ons is to be phased out. This could see many popular Firefox themes and interface-based add-ons, like Classic Theme Restorer, no longer be able to do what they do at present.

In an effort to reassure those worried, Mozillian Kev Needham has said that personalisation is an ‘area of differentiation’ they’re keen to keep.

WebExtensions is not the only change that Firefox's long-established add-ons platform is shouldering. Starting with Firefox 41, due September, existing extensions need to be validated and signed by Mozilla in order to run.

August 21, 2015

Final Fantasy VII hits iOS, Android could be next


Final Fantasy VII has hit the iOS platform (but not for Android yet).Whilst an Android port is 100% confirmed, Square Enix does a great job in porting over its game to the mobile platform. Be ready to dip in your wallets because Final Fantasy VII will cost you around $19 on iTunes! This is definitely above Square Enix's typical $15 - $17 mark.

You can get Final Fantasy VII from the iTunes store.

August 18, 2015

Android M is officially named Marshmallow


This is probably already old news to you but Google has finally revealed the name for their next version of Android: Marshmallow. Users were left guessing what Android M referred to: Milkshake, Moon Pie? But in the end, Marshmallow was chosen. Pretty original and as expected of Google.

August 12, 2015

Pushbullet now supports end-to-end encryption for SMS, notification mirroring and more


In a new update that’s rolling out today, Pushbullet is gaining support for end-to-end encryption for notification mirroring, SMS as well as universal copy and paste. Many users have been requesting these features for quite some time now, so it’s great to see the Pushbullet team finally bring some added security benefits to the service.

What exactly is end-to-end encryption? For starters, in order to sync your notifications across multiple devices and platforms, Pushbullet needs to forward some of your personal data between devices. Although the Pushbullet team uses secure connections for transferring data, your data can still be seen by Pushbullet. End-to-end encryption means that your data is encrypted before it leaves your device, and isn’t able to be decrypted until it’s received by another device.

To set up this new feature, all you’ll need to do is pick a password and enter it on each device by heading to Settings>End-to-end encryption. Pushbullet will use the password to create a key that’s used to encrypt your data. This new feature is available from today for Android, Chrome and Windows. iOS and Mac devices will gain this feature sometime soon, and the Pushbullet team says support for Opera, Safari and Firefox is on its way too.

[Source: Android Authority]

August 11, 2015

Google, an Alphabet company.

Google's Alphabet soup

Google has announced on Tuesday morning that it would be restructuring it's core business from Google Inc. to Alphabet Inc. What does this all mean? Simply put, Google is become a wholly-owned subsidiary of Alphabet (the parent company) alongside other companies such as Nest and Calico.

What does this mean for you?
Don't worry, the engine you know and love will still be around, but it'll be slimmer and smaller and back to basics. Google won't disappear completely from the face of the earth but it'll just become a child company for Alphabet.

Who would have imagined that a large company like Google will become a subsidiary of another company. Well, it just did. Welcome, Alphabet.

[Source: SMH]

August 2, 2015

Windows 10: An Extremely Short Review

Windows 10 has been out for nearly 5 days now and I've quickly picked up on most of the new features that this new version of Windows has to offer. I am loving the 4 corner window snapping and the multi workspaces. It's what I've been wanting since I started using Linux. Windows 10 is slick and fast and just works well for desktops and tablets alike. It's definitely worth the upgrade over 8.

Anyhow, Windows 10 should be silently downloading on your Windows 7/Windows 8 computer. You can also skip the queue and download it now via the link below!

July 25, 2015

Chrome Theme: Steins;Gate - Makise Kurisu

So I haven't made a Steins;Gate Chrome theme before and I happened to come across this theme on Reddit. it is! For you, Kuristina fans! Enjoy.

July 23, 2015

Google Keep update gets rid of floating action button


The floating action button (otherwise known as FAB) was all he hype when Google announced Android 5.0 Lollipop and introduced Material Design standards. Google wanted everyone to adopt it, but it seems not even they are that into it anymore. The latest update to the Google Keep Android app has completed gotten rid of the FAB.

This upgrade brings the Keep app up to version, and so far it seems this may be the only significant change in the interface. For those who may not know what we are talking about, the floating action button is that bubble you often see in the lower-right corner of some Google apps. It’s usually a shortcut for starting a message, reaching contacts and other handy tasks.

As it goes with these OTA updates, Google should be rolling out the improvements periodically. If you don’t see the update show up in the Google Play Store, just wait for it, it'll come eventually.

[Source: Android Central]

July 21, 2015

Google+ Photos app to shut down on August 1st


Google+ Photos, the photo sharing solution built into Google's social network Google+, is shutting down.

However: Google Photos (note the lack of +) — as in the excellent, unlimited free photo host that Google launched back in May — will live on.

The shutdown of Google+ Photos will start on August 1. According to Google, the Android version will go first; shortly thereafter, the web and iOS versions will go dark.

Google is offering a tool that'll transition Google+ Photos users over to Google Photos; you can find it on your Google+ account photos page. Even if you miss the deadline, Google says your photos will still be available by way of Google Takeout.

[Source: TechCrunch]

July 19, 2015

Sony Xperia Z2 and Z3 confirmed to receive Android 5.1.1 OS update by end of July

Sony Xperia Z3

There is good news for Sony Xperia Z2 and Z3 users as they will soon receive the more recent Android 5.1.1 (Lollipop) OS update.

As confirmed on the Xperia blog, Z2 and Z3 users can expect the Android 5.1.1 update by end July. The roll-out is expected to commence from Japan.

From there on, Xperia blog post hints, the newer Lollipop will roll-out to users of device around the world.

Previously the Xperia Z2 and Z3 were seeded Android 5.0.2 (Lollipop). The devices originally ran the outdated Android 4.4.2 (KitKat) OS out of the box.

Below are new features that will come along with the latest update:
  • New icons in Settings menu
  • More Wi-Fi and Bluetooth options within the notification menu
  • Newer animation effects
The 5.1.1 update will be available for Xperia Z2 and Z3 users via OTA notifications. Users can also initiate a manual search for the same by navigating to Settings > About Phone > System Updates > Check now.

[Source: IBTimes]

USB Problems

July 14, 2015

Internet expands to three billion users

The  internet now has three billion users, most of whom use a mobile device to access it, a new study shows. The report shows mobile internet penetration will reach 71 per cent by 2019, with Android by far the most popular of the five major platforms at 84 per cent of smartphones and 74 per cent of tablets.

[Source: News]

July 12, 2015

AMD drops Mantle in favour of Vulkan and DirectX 12

AMD Mantle Logo

AMD has elected to cease optimising for Mantle, its rendering API.

The news comes via Anandtech's AMD Radeon R9 Fury X review, which notes that "AMD has now thrown all of their weight beyond Vulkan and DirectX 12, telling developers that future games should use those APIs and not Mantle."

While Mantle drivers will still exist for those with GPUs, AMD told the site it has "ceased all further Mantle optimization". There has been no Mantle driver optimisation for the whole GCN 1.2 range of AMD GPUs, for example. You’ll still be able to play Mantle titles on these cards, but performance will vary – probably in a negative way.

It’s a shame Mantle didn’t work out; the API gave developers unusually direct access to GPU tech, but it was only implemented in a few games before sort of vanishing. On the bright side, AMD is now focusing on DirectX 12 and Vulkan, both of which are cross-platform APIS, meaning everyone can benefit from them.


July 6, 2015

Windows 10 free upgrade to Windows 7, 8, 8.1 users

Windows 10 free upgrade to Windows 7, 8, 8.1 users

Microsoft has announced about how it will be rolling out Windows 10 to customers.

According to the, Microsoft said in a blog post that there are five million Windows Insiders, up from 3.7 million in May.

The company also said that it has collected millions of reservations for Windows 10 from the public.
Microsoft will give Windows 10 as a free upgrade to Windows 7 and Windows 8 and 8.1 users for a year.

If the user is a current Windows 10 tester, he or she will get the build first among the public.

Terry Myerson, Microsoft's Number Two, said that starting on July 29, they will start rolling out Windows 10 to their Windows Insiders. From there, they will start notifying reserved systems in waves, slowly scaling up after July 29. Each day of the roll-out they will learn and update the experience for all Windows 10 users.

Myerson also said that they will distribute a build of Windows 10 to retailers all over the world so that they can assist their customers with upgrades of newly purchased devices.

Volume license customers can snag Windows 10 on August 1.

In its post, Microsoft stressed that it is working to make sure that all systems can upgrade and that it won't move people to Windows 10 until it should work with their setup.

[Source: Business Today]

July 1, 2015

Google adds hundreds of new themes and new emoji to Gmail's web interface

Gmail gets new themes and emoji on the web

Gmail's web interface can now be customized even further, as Google has added hundreds of new themes for users to pick from, along with some new emoji as well. There will be tons of new images to select from as the background, some of them captured by Googlers themselves, and once you find the right one you can use Google's editing tools to make it look even better with your messages. The editing tools include blur, vignette, and text background, all of which allow you to make the image look better with your inbox.

In addition, Google has added an 'emoji for just about every occasion', so now you don't have to hunt down the right words to express how you feel. These updates are rolling out over the course of the next few days, so if you don't see the changes just yet be sure to check back in the next day or two.

[Source: Android Central]

June 30, 2015

Chrome Theme: Katekyo Hitman Reborn!

Well hello guys, it's been a while since my last Chrome theme but I have found some time recently to quickly throw something together. The Katekyo Hitman Reborn! theme was a request some some guy (I've forgotten) to my email. Well shout out to that guy: thanks for waiting. Here is your theme. Enjoy!

June 26, 2015

PSN Vita Games Sale: The Best Discounts

The PlayStation Network store currently has a huge sale currently discounting Japanese-bred games up to 85% off! If you haven't already checked out the PSN store on your Vita now is the time to do so. So here's my pick of the best discounts that you should pick up now!

$12.59 $62.95 -80%
Street Fighter and Tekken has always been rivals of the fighting game genre so some bright lad came up with the idea to mash the two games together as a crossover and so we have STREET FIGHTER X TEKKEN. If you're a fan of either series, you definitely should pick this up.

June 25, 2015

Can We Auto-Correct Humanity?

I came across this video liked by a friend on Facebook that raps about the current technological lifestyle that us in the first-world encompass. It is sadly true that our lives nowadays are dominated by notifications, snaps, lines and selfies. Not just that, even our interaction in real life has declined. This video explains in great detail how our lives and changed and how we can change for the better.

June 24, 2015

PS Vita Update 3.52 Is Now Available


Sony has just released PS Vita update 3.52 today. It just came out, although nothing special is involved.

If you log-in to the PS Vita right now, you will be prompted to download update 3.52. You need to download the update before you can visit the PlayStation Store or play online.

The PlayStation Twitter page says PS Vita update 3.52 is "a minor update designed to improve stability". It doesn't appear as if any other things have been added to this update sadly.

PS Vita update 3.52 is only 127MB. It shouldn't take you too long to download it since it doesn't add much other than the improved stability as mentioned above.

[Source: Attack of the fanboy]

June 23, 2015

Dropbox update v3.0 brings in Material Design


The Dropbox team has pushed v3.0 for the masses! The Dropbox Android app received an update with Material Design only some weeks ago, but it was exclusive to beta users. Today the company decides to take things to the next level and introduce Google’s design language to the masses.

The new update to the Dropbox app is labelled as version 3.0, and the change in design seems to be the only main improvement. This is one huge change, though. The interface looks much cleaner, and the navigation menu makes it much easier to roam around the application. Not to mention, it’s so much easier to find that floating action button, as opposed to looking all over the app just to upload a photo.


Dropbox's latest update is currently rolling out to Google Play Store users. You should get your update soon!