October 3, 2014

Why You Should Only Buy Flagship Phones

So you're planning to buy a new smartphone. You've got enough invested that would allow you to purchase a new phone outright. As you walk in store to look at the range of phones available, you cast your eyes over to the cheapest ones available. You have just dug your own smartphone grave.

Why do I say that? Here are some reason why you should not buy a cheap smartphone instead of the latest flagship phone offerings from the major smartphone manufacturer companies. For those who don't know what flagship phone are, they are referred to the latest and most prime product of that particular model's series.

Latest and Greatest Features
Every year, new phones come out with the latest and greatest software (such as Android's OS) and functions with plenty of cool new features. Each companies' aim is to bring you something "new" and "innovative" to try and capture your attention. These cool features are usually only available for their newest flagship phones and only after a while do the cheaper variants of the series receive these features.

Latest Software Updates
This pretty much goes for any phone that is not the current flagship phone. These smartphone manufacturers want you to experience the latest and greatest software available for their phones. The only way for you to experience that is to purchase the latest flagship phone. Older models won't receive the latest updates till much later or sometimes none at all.

Flagship Phones Last Longer
Yes, it's true! Take for example a friend of mine that bought an Xperia M a year ago. Already, he is disliking it and says that it's gotten slow. With flagship phones, you have the best hardware you can get. These powerful flagship phones will last you at least 2 years minimum and still be able to handle everything fine.

Plenty of Accessories
Just take a look at the HTC One M8, Samsung Galaxy S5 and the Sony Xperia Z2. The amount of accessories, phone cases and protectors are endless! There is major support for flagships phones with customization of how it looks. You can only get endless choices only with flagship phones.

And Plenty More
The list goes on of the benefits with purchasing a flagship phone over a mid-range one. Even though the price might be a bit more expensive, but it;s definitely worth the purchase if you are going to use it for a long time. So, the next time you are planning to buy a phone, go for a flagship one.