August 5, 2014

iOS keeps falling under as Android wins in web usage


The past years haven’t been the best for Apple, once the single power in control of the smartphone market. Android soon became the governing platform in the mobile industry, but there was one thing Apple would always mock Google’s OS for – web usage. This will no longer be the case, as Android has finally surpassed iOS’ amazing statistics in this category.

It’s no doubt a great victory for the Android community, taking away one of Apple’s very last weapons in the never-ending argument of the mobile operating systems. This data comes from Net Application’s research, which measures traffic within its network, accounting for 160 million monthly visits.


In the graph above we see Android taking Apple’s crown, if only by under 1%. The Android platform accounted for 44.62% of July’s traffic, while Apple fell behind at 44.19%. Does this mean Apple will stop trying to attack Android with silly statements? We are sure they will find something else to talk about, but it’s good to see them running out of content to throw at Google’s face.