June 17, 2014

Chrome Extensions Everyone Must Have

So you just installed Google Chrome on your machine. You've got everything you want set-up; all those important tabs pinned, and your bookmarks sorted out. However, you feel that your Chrome should do more for you and to be more special to you. Well, you should take a look at installing extensions to your Chrome browser!

Searching for Chrome extensions is easy with everything in the Google Chrome Web Store: https://chrome.google.com/webstore

From there, you can search for any webapps you want from handy tools to web-based flash games. Not only that, you also have the option to install some nice themes to go with your Chrome browser. More importantly though, it is the 'Extensions' that will enhance your browsing experience within Google Chrome.

Here is my list of extensions that everyone must install to their Chrome browser. (Note that the list does not include 'Apps'. That is a whole different category.)

First up is AdBlock. AdBlock has been around for a while now since early Firefox days. Ever since Chrome added the functionality for extensions, the developers of AdBlock have continued to support the extension on all major browsers. This extension is a must have to disable any advertisements from showing up on your webpage. It also prevents you from accidentally clicking on nasty links.

Better Image Viewer
 Do you ever feel that the default image in Chrome is quite limited? It doesn't do much expect show an image on a new tab with no controls at all. Of course, you do have the context menu that will enable you to save the image and download it, but honestly speaking, any browser can do that. With Better Image Viewer, you can additional control over your images. You can easily rotate the image, zoom in and out as well as view it's properties. There's so much you can do with Better Image Viewer.

Hangouts is a must-have for all Chrome and Android users. It allows you to easily communicate with your friends and family from anywhere at anytime. The Hangouts extension also enables a quick window on your desktop to let you easily access your contacts. You can also do instant messaging as well as video call to anyone else that uses Hangouts. If you haven't already given Hangouts a go, you are really missing out!