May 24, 2014

[xkcd] Smartwatches

[Source: xkcd]

Google Play site gets a mobile optimized version

Although most Android users have never really complained about the site, considering they have the app to use, not everyone using a mobile device has had access to a nicely formatted for mobile Google Play Store. Everyone visiting the site previously from a mobile was met with the desktop version and while that's fine for when you're on a desktop browser, it made for getting around the Play store on a mobile cumbersome.

No more though as Google has now updated the Google Play site to make it more mobile friendly complete with the ability to send apps to your Android device and access the device section of the store, which realistically is likely the most valid reason for finally getting around to adding it -- makes it easier to sell an Android phone, tablet or even a Nest to someone browsing from a BlackBerry, iPhone or Windows Phone smartphone.

[Source: Android Central]