April 17, 2014

Chrome Remote Desktop for Android arrives to Google Play


After a period of beta testing, the new Android version of Chrome Remote Desktop for Android has arrived and makes it easy to remote access your Mac, Chromebook or PC from Android tablets and smartphones. In order to remote access your PC, you’ll first need to download a special Chrome extension for the desktop version of the Chrome browser. Once installed, connecting to any of your computers is a simple affair.

Chrome Remote Desktop is far from the only remote desktop app available for Android, though it’s still a welcome addition. Unlike some of the alternative remote access solutions, Google’s remote desktop software is completely free, though you’ll need an Android device running ICS 4.0 or higher to use it.

Get the app from the Play Store now! You will also need to download the Chrome Remote Desktop extension for Google Chrome if you want to remotely connect to your desktop.

[via Android Authority]