April 3, 2014

Chrome Remote Desktop enters closed beta on Android

Chrome Remote Desktop for Android

Google has finally decided to create an Android app of their remote desktop software, Chrome Remote Desktop. Unfortunately the app isn't available for anyone just yet — it's in a closed beta right now, and few people have access at this point.

There are screenshots from the Play Store listing, though, and a quick indication of how it's working. Remote Desktop functionality has been built into Chrome and Chrome OS for some time, and actually works quite well on the desktop side of things. If Google can bring that experience over to mobile, we can see more than a few people taking advantage — especially on larger devices with 7-inch or higher screen sizes that can manipulate a desktop environment. The best part about Google getting in on the game is it provides another great free option to choose from.

For the rest of us, we will have to wait until Google irons out any major bugs and do more internal testing before it's ready to be released in the wild!