February 12, 2014

Pumpkin's Palette: Nobukatsu + Himiko

After watching Episode 6 of Nobunaga the Fool and finding out that two important characters got killed off (Nobukatsu and Himiko), I needed to release my pain and sadness of losing these two short-lived characters. So I decided to rough sketch them as a memoir for these characters that I liked.
RIP Nobukatsu, you were an adorable and responsible little brother. RIP Himiko, you were an admirable wife who sought to put your beloved's best interest first.

Gackt - P.S. I LOVE U

How on earth is this guy 40? Lol.
Another highly anticipated release is Gackt's 44th single "P.S. I LOVE U"which was released today.
It is such a beautiful song! ~cries a bucket of tears~ It's a extremely sweet love rock ballad. You can read the translated lyrics here: http://amaia.livejournal.com/296108.html
It's pretty much about wishing your beloved one happiness even after you have gone.

GRANRODEO - 「変幻自在のマジカルスター」

Another anime song released today is GRANRODEO's "Hengen jizai no magical star". It is the second PO song for Kuroko no Basuke second season.
It's a pretty cool love song. But I laugh at the choice of outfits for Kishow and Ezuka.


This is the ED song to Nobunaga the Fool. It was released today.
I love the beats of this song.
The anime is pretty average though, it's a mix of Japan and European history + Mechas.

Wooser S2 - Episode 6 [v.P]

This week Wooser parodied Gargantia.
It also gave us some lines to contemplate over: "If people were ever able to control their dreams, they wouldn't need reality any more. Nothing ever works out in the real world. For example, the odds that you'll be able to go out with the one you like is very low. So lately, whenever I've had free time, I've spent it sleeping."