February 4, 2014

Android App Spotlight: Flappy Bird

Flappy Bird - screenshot thumbnail Flappy Bird - screenshot thumbnail Flappy Bird - screenshot thumbnail
Flappy Bird is the latest craze in mobile gaming as it releases your inner rage in ultimate proportions. Never has a smartphone game been so annoying, enraging, simple, and addictive all at the same time.

So how do you play Flappy Bird and how is it so addicting?

The game is quite simple. Just tap to flap and hope your bird goes through the pipes. Usually you will fail the first time and end up hitting the first pipe. The additive factor is that this game is incredibly hard and you will end up retrying the game multiple times just to end up frustrating yourself. You then will become stubborn and your pride will not be easily shattered. Your inner gamble will whisper to you "one more time".

Once you got your personal highscore, its time to verse your friends. Here comes the bragging part. Its an endless cycle of beating each other's high scores.

There you have it. If you want to become addicted and follow the crowd, by all means download the game and give it a go!