January 31, 2014

[Linux] Guilty Crown background and updated Conky

Continuing my love for Linux Mint 16 has resulted in another customised desktop. This time, I have changed the Conky (sidebar) theme to match the Guilty Crown background that I happened to come across whilst looking for wallpapers on the net. This is probably my best Linux Mint desktop set-up yet!

[Life] Insync to the clouds

I've been using Insync for nearly a month now and I have come to a conclusion that Insync is definitely the Google Drive alternative client for me. I seriously can't live without my cloud syncing. Everywhere I go, I can instantly access my personal files, pictures, and documents from my smartphone or laptop.

For those who are unfamiliar with the concept of 'Google Drive' and 'cloud sync', let me try and explain it in a few simple sentences. Google Drive is a cloud storage provider, that is, storing your files to Google's servers as well as locally on your computer. Whatever changes you make to your local files within that 'Drive' folder, it would be reflected (and uploaded) to the 'cloud'.

The benefits of using cloud storage means that you able to easily recover your files if your laptop/smart device gets damaged or stolen. You are also able to access your files from anywhere on any supported device (whether that would be your smartphone or laptop).