January 14, 2014

Valvrave progress report: Night 5

I've kinda lost count of how long I've been spending building my VVV. At least 2.5 days and 5 nights in total. But everything is taking shape! I've got the arms and legs. I'm almost halfway through the instructions booklet.
Well I'm gonna call it a night and continue (re)-playing Brothers Conflict Brilliant Blue.
The beautiful blue eyes of my Husbando #1, Ukyo ~ <3
What is it like to fall in love, to have butterflies in your stomach, to have your breath taken away.

My husbando #2, Kaname ~ <3

How Smartphones Have Taken Over Our Life

Smartphones have definitely taken over our lives. Everywhere you look, people are using some kind of 'smart' technology as if it is attached to their body. That is true is some way. If you think about it, smartphones have stealthily crept in our lives and have replaced traditional objects we used previously.
Home phone
Consider these factors how smartphones have replaced our everyday objects:

  • Home phone - Our smartphone's most essential tool; as a communication device. When was the last time you picked up your home phone and talked to someone?
  • Mail - Your smartphone can instantly send and receive emails with a single press of a button. The traditional snail mail has been replaced.
  • Phonebook - Nobody uses a paper-based contacts book anymore. Your smartphone can do all that for you - and can even store contact's social network profiles, various contact address, locations, etc...
  • Camera - Your phone's camera is probably more powerful than those small digital camera everybody used 10 years a go. When was the last time you picked up a digital camera and took a picture with it.
  • Calendar - The traditional wall-hanging calendar has been replaced by an event organiser in your smartphone. No more missing events as your smartphone notifies you when an event is about to occur.
  • Clock/Watch - Ever since my first smartphone, I have stopped wearing watches. It is just so much more convenient checking the time using your smartphone. Your clock app probably can even do timer and stopwatch functions.
  • Memo - Who still uses sticky notes/memo pads? I don't. My Google Keep app can do that for me.
  • Pen + paper - Phones and tablets have become more powerful now; and writing documents or taking notes have never become so much easier thanks to various word processing apps you can find in your app store.
  • TV + Media Player - Your smartphone can watch videos anywhere at anytime. You can watch TV or movies with a single press of a button.
  • MP3 Player - Seriously? Who uses MP3s anymore? It's much more convenient to use a smartphone to listen to music. Your phone can also stream music on the go!
  • Newspaper - Get the latest news from any news source on the net instantly using your smartphone.
  • Books - Books are slowly being replaced by electronic version counterparts. It's much more easier to produce and lower cost to sell/buy; and you don't have to carry around your entire book collection with you.
  • Calculator - There's an app for that.
  • Radio - Listen to various radio stations locally or from around the world easily via radio streaming. It's free and easy.
What else has the smartphone replaced in our daily lives? If you think hard enough, you may realize how far technology has come and how much more technology can replace in our daily lives.

There will always be someone "better" than you for better or worse

The sad truth that I can't ever be the happiest nor the saddest person on earth because somewhere there will be someone worse/better off than me.

A dose of cute

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