December 7, 2014

The Crew: New York

So, I've been playing The Crew for a few days now and I have managed to get a feel for the gameplay and flow of the story. Simply put; it's a great game! I keep coming back for more! Even more than I did for Need for Speed: Most Wanted and Need for Speed: Rivals. Maybe because there hasn't really been a good solid racing game with a decent storyline since pre-Carbon days.

The game doesn't restrict you to the linear storyline, it opens up various missions as you progress but allows you the freedom to roam about anything you want. I was initially surprised at how large the world map was and after I did a long run from the Midwest to the East Coast, I was even more surprised. This map is huge.

How now, I'm in New York and going through the Story Missions whilst upgrading my car as I go along. It definitely beats the latest Need for Speed games in my books and I definitely would recommend it to any racing game fans. More mini-reviews soon as I progress through the game!