December 17, 2014

[Life] nippon-Ya with moe biscuits!?

So I'm currently in Singapore taking in the sights, eating all the food and shopping like I'm a millionaire; I've hadn't had time to catch-up with my social networking or even post on the blog.

Here's a quick post about one particular shop I passed: nippon-Ya. It's basically a Japanese food boutique (a classy shop that stocks Japanese snacks and drinks). You can pretty much find all your unique snacks packaged in finely illustrated boxes.

They stock a variety of snacks and drinks from green tea matcha biscuits to popular sake drinks. There's also the "moe" Akihabara snacks for those that are into the whole Jap-otaku culture.

In a nutshell, Singapore is a really commercial country and its standard is quite high even for the lower-class shopping malls. There is quite a distinction between lower-class, middle-class and upper-class shopping malls and you can easily tell them all apart.

You can get anything from Singapore and if you have the chance to go somewhere, give Singapore a chance!