December 12, 2014

From Chrome to Opera

So the recent update of Chrome to version 39 did fix some memory issues I was having before (where Chrome would use up to 2 - 3 GB of RAM!!). However, the improvement was only minor. Now it uses nearly 2GB RAM! 

You may think that it's no big deal; but to me it means a lot. I'm a part-time web designer/developer and I tend to run Photoshop and Phpstorm at the same time as my web browser. Those resource heavy programs require a decent amount of RAM to run efficiently.

I decided to give Opera a go. After running some pretty generic tests, I could see the different in RAM usage between Chrome and Opera. The usage amount varied since I had extensions installed in Chrome that was unavailable in Opera. I would safely assume that the difference in RAM is pretty minor (10 - 20%).

Even so, I would not give up using Google Chrome. I'm just temporarily jumping over to Opera to give them support. Well, I would recommend Opera as my #2 browser of choice over Mozilla Firefox.

So, if you are an avid Chrome user like me and you are running into RAM issues, try giving Opera a go. It's also nice and fast; just like Chrome!