November 26, 2014

SwiftKey puts its themes packs on sale (50% off) for Black Friday

swiftkey sale

Popular keyboard replacement app SwiftKey is gearing up for the shopping season with a sweet deal on its themes packs.

The 5-theme packs are now available for $1.49 (down from $2.99), while the 10-theme Premier pack is available for $2.49. All of these packs are available in SwiftKey's online store:
  • Premier pack (10 themes)
  • Pink pack
  • Minimal pack
  • Hot punch
  • Cool punch
  • Accent pack
  • Material Design pack
Individual themes remain at their normal $0.99 price tag, but for just fifty cent extra there’s little reason not to opt for a pack of five.

The deal is open to users from around the world, for "a limited time," though it looks likely that it will go on at least until next Monday.

To buy themes or theme packs, visit the SwiftKey store from the SwiftKey app's settings menu.

[Source: Android Authority]