September 3, 2014

Opera 24 released: find tabs faster!

Opera 24 has been released to the public. What does this new version bring? For one, it now has a handy "Tab Previews" feature.
With Opera 24, we give you our unique tab previews that help you find the tab you want. When you hover a tab, a preview inside the main browsing area gives you a peek into its contents. Lost one of your tabs? Previews help you find it. Locating and switching to the correct tab has never been easier.
So if you are the kind of user that likes to have all your tabs opened then this update will definitely benefit you!

Crisper look on higher resolution screens
Opera 24 for Windows makes full use of your higher-resolution, or HiDPI, screens. These screens have more pixels packed into the same area as normal screens, which means that rounded corners and text can look much crisper. Now, our user interface looks crystal clear on such displays. And wait until you can experience your favorite websites in HiDPI.

Private window color
Private browsing ensures that your internet history and activity are removed as soon as you close all private windows. We’ve made private windows more distinct from normal windows by changing their background color on Windows. Now, you easily can pick out and close all of your private browsing.

And more...
As with any other browser update, Opera 24 packs a lot of bug fixes and minor improvements. If you are interested in what's been fixed in this version, you can check out the full changelog.

Download Opera 24
[Source: Opera Blog]