July 24, 2014

Jibanyan (Yokai Watch) Model Kit

This was a quick and easy build. Done within 1 hour.
This little critter is absolutely adorable.
I find it hilarious how Yokai Watch is targeted to young children (on par with Pokemon and Digimon audience) and the anime mascot is some pervy cat creature - as demonstrated by Jibanyan loving to read some cat gravure magazine.
My only dilemma was choosing the stickers for his face for different expressions - There were so many stickers to choose from!!
It was really nice of Bandai to create a little stand to hold the extra pieces (left piece) - 2 faces and 1 extra set of arms.
This was definitely worth my money, in terms of product quality, the amount of build-able pieces and cuteness. If I ever come across the second model kit then I would buy it without hesitation!
The only downside of this model is that the collar is missing the blue colour.