July 11, 2014

Google Keyboard updated, brings spoken emoji and a few other changes


Google has updated the official keyboard with a few changes. The new update is listed as version 3.1.19633, and while not a major update, it does make a few noticeable tweaks.

For starters, it appears that Google has added support for spoken emoji, which allow you to add select emoji using hotwords such as “smiley face”, “sad face” and a few others. They’ve also moved the voice input shortcut to a new spot and have added new input languages: Indian English, Swiss Italian, Basque, Galician, and Latin American Spanish.


Interestingly enough, they’ve also removed the long-press delay adjustment as the setting no longer exists in the preview version as well. There could be a few other hidden features, changes and bug fixes underneath, but these seem to be the most noticeable things.

The update will roll out in stages, so you will have to wait your turn if you don't receive the update now.