July 6, 2014

Bakumatsu Rock - Episode 1 [v.P]

The more I tell myself not to procrastinate, the more I actually do procrastinate.
Given that I have 5 assignments due within 3 weeks, I so ingeniously decided to watch anime instead.
Let's start off with the YowaPed wrap up.
I'm disappointed that they cut season 1 off without finishing the 2nd day of the interhigh race. I really want to know who wins! But now I've got to wait till October to find out.
There were many precious team moments in the last episode, especially the comradery between Imaizumi and Onoda.

To start off the new anime season I decided to watch Bakumatsu Rock.
Now I played the game, never really finished it, but I did enjoy it, especially the music/songs and seiyuus.
I was anticipating a poorly made adaptation of an otome game, as most otome anime adaptations go.
However, I was not disappointed.
The character introductions were fairly cliched but the funny moment made up for it.
The art is decent.
"So far so good".
We'll wait and see how hopeless it becomes as it develops throughout the season.