May 12, 2014

[Tech Spec] Gigabyte Force K7 Review

The Gigabyte Force K7 is an entry-level keyboard for the casual gamer with some included extras. The Gigabyte Force K7 features ultra short key travel, 3-color backlighting, selective anti-ghosting around WSAD cluster and dynamic volume and backlit illumination control.

At first glance, the keyboard just looks awesome. It's sharp edges and sleek design makes it stand out from your average keyboard. As expected from a low-budget gaming keyboard, it's design doesn't compare to the higher-end keyboards; but you can still get some satisfaction from using your keyboard.

The keys are scissor-structured (much like many laptops you can find today) and not mechnical so don't expect to type fast and accurately with this keyboard. The keys are also ultra-slim, meaning you will tend to overextend when typing rapidly.

The Gigabyte Force K7 packs in some nice additional features for it's price: specific WASD anti-ghosting capability, 3-color backlighting, dynamic volume and backlit control dials, windows lock functionality and some hot-link function keys.

Overall, the keyboard is pretty good for it's sub-$50 price mark. Although it packs a few extra features than your average keyboard, there are still some minor issues regarding backlit illumination being irregular, key lettering placement, and non customizable keys. If you are not too picky with these minor drawbacks, then the Gigabyte Force K7 will suit your everyday or casual gaming needs.

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