May 8, 2014

Rovio announces upcoming game ‘Retry’, clearly inspired by Flappy Bird

After quickly becoming a massive success, Flappy Bird’s light began to fade after the app’s creator pulled it down from Google Play. Since then, many clones were formed, and most of them were pretty terrible.

Now that the hype has died and the Flappy Bird craze is over and most of us are moving on, except maybe Rovio. It seems that the Angry Birds maker wants to take the impossible-to-beat-mechanics that made Flappy Bird so popular and spin them into something new.

While Retry is far from an exact clone, the game’s mechanics are clearly inspired by Flappy Bird, with some noticeable twists. The game has you controlling an airplane and has retro-styled 8-bit graphics and sound. The plane can do loops and move backwards, but if it touches anything — game over and you have to “retry”.

Retry was actually developed by Rovio’s new LVL11 team, which are tasked with creating experimental (Read: non-Angry Birds) type games. Like many of Rovio’s recent releases, Retry is free-to-play though there are in-app purchases for buying more airports and so forth.

At the moment the game is soft-launching to iOS in only a few select markets (Canada, Finland, Poland), though a wider release for Android and iOS is expected to occur sometime in the not-too-distant future. It remains unseen whether Rovio can recreate the frustration magic that made Flappy Birds so successful, but at least this is more than just a straight-up clone.

[Source: Android Authority]