April 6, 2014

Kamigami no Asobi - Episode 1 [v.P]

Let's play Gods' Games.
You get transported by the King of gods, Zeus, to God Academy to teach youngling gods how to understand humans and, of course, how to fall in love.
So it's you, one girl, versus 6 guys/gods. 
Good luck.
 Let's hook you in with some fanservice.

Let me get some eyecancer from the terrible art quality. 
 This is worse than UtaPri
Miserable bishie - OnoD.
 The depressed guy - some newbie seiyuu (Uemura Yuto) with a really cute voice.
 Rude bishie - Toyonaga.
 Reverse harems - gotta love them.

 The playboy - Hosoya.
 The clumsy elegant - Kamiyan.
 The classical 'slip-trip-fall' tactic.
 Super duper bishie