March 13, 2014

Get Ready for Angry Birds Epic

Earlier this week Rovio began teasing us about a new game, revealing very little other than showing us a bird in medieval armor and telling us the title would see a soft launch in Australia, Canada and New Zealand. Thanks to gaming site Kotaku, we now learn the new title will be called Angry Birds Epic, and it’s an RPG.

Rovio’s Angry Bird Epic will be launching first for iOS users in Australia and Canada later this week (no mention of New Zealand this time), and will globally launch on Android, iOS and Windows Phone a bit later down the road.

As for the core gameplay? Epic features a turn-based RPG mechanic with some form of a storyline and a crafting system that will allow you to improve your armor and weapons as you progress through the game. As to be expected, you can certainly craft without paying a cent, but there will be in-app purchases to help your efforts along.

[via Android Authority]