January 10, 2014

One Week of Linux Mint 16

It's been a week since I decided to completely ditch Windows 8 on my laptop and dive into the world of Linux Mint 16. Since then, I have managed to customize Linux Mint to the way I want; how I want my Linux to look like. Appearance aside, I also found that I could easily replace Windows-only software to Linux alternatives.

In the end, I did not regret it one bit and I seriously love using this operating system! I have not encountered a single system freeze, crash, slow or hang at all! It performs fast and everything just works out of the box (including my gaming peripherals).

If there is something that doesn't work or if I don't like a particular program, I can just easily replace it from the Software Manager or search for a solution on Google. I'm glad I made the switch and I hope my post will inspire computer nerds/geeks like myself to give Linux Mint 16 a try!