December 28, 2013

Valvrave - Episode 24 [v.P]

Tissues. I need a whole box of them.
All my favourite characters dies. Everyone dies. Why do you do this to my poor weak heart Sunrise?
 First off, it was X-eins. He died in vain.
 I love this pair.
 Then Q-vier dies in his friend's hand.
 Sometimes you just need to face the truth.
 While Cain was a baddie, I still liked him.
 This scene totally broke my heart when Haruto used up all his runes and cannot remember anything at all.
 Well, good bye Haruto. Goodbye to all the Valvrave pilots.
 Marry me you two!
 Last bit of confusion: Who does this love-child belong to then?

Unbreakable Machine Dolls - Episode 12 [v.P]

One of the best harem animes I've watched. There needs to be a second season! There needs to be more Yaya!!!

How to combine split files in Linux

If you're a Linux user like me and are looking for simple methods to combine split files or split large files then look no further than lxsplit (

Step 1: Open terminal
Step 2: Install lxsplit, i.e. type 'sudo apt-get install lxsplit'
Step 3: Type 'lxsplit -j filename.mp4.001'
And you're done!