December 19, 2013

[Life] A little splurge shouldn't hurt

So I bought a "little something" for myself tonight. This costed me half of what I earned today. But I think it's totally worth it. It's Haruto's Valrave kit.
Gonna build this with Dad over the Christmas holidays. I can't wait! VVV love forever!
(I was actually tossing up whether to buy this VVV kit or the [K] animation art book.)

SwiftKey adds new 'ice' theme for the holidays


The latest update to SwiftKey improves the installation process, but most importantly also brings a bit of holiday cheer with a new keyboard theme. After switching over to the new "Ice" theme, you'll be greeted by a deep blue background with snow-capped keys that drop snowflakes when you tap them or swipe over them with SwiftKey Flow.