December 17, 2013

Pumpkin's palette: Chibi Fuji (PoT)

My friend Bella got me back into the TeniPuri (Prince of Tennis) fandom.
She drew a chibi Fuji Shunsuke (below).
After which I saw and instantly fell in love, so much that I wanted to lineart and colour it.
The final result:
I love Fuji. But I love Atobe more XD

Seiyuu appreciation post: Namikawa Daisuke

Chrome Theme: GAC Ene

I think I forgot to make a post for my latest Chrome theme that I created specifically for the Google+ Anime Community. Well here it is! The 'GAC Ene' Google Chrome theme. Enjoy!

MeMuMo: You Make Me by Avicii

Title: You Make Me
Artist: Avicii
Year: 2013
Comments: I never heard of Avicii before until his smash hits 'You Make Me' and 'Wake Me Up' hit the music scene. I instantly loved his tunes and became a fan of his music.