December 14, 2013

[Lyrics] 2 to 1 (Ukyo & Hikaru 右京&光 ver.)

While I'm translating the BroConf Drama CDs it totally slipped my mind to translate the 2 to 1 song with Ukyo and Hikaru. I'm so sorry Ukyo honey!!
I got a little stumped over Hikaru's comparison with the "hard chewing gum", but I managed to figure out their message - Ukyo would be so proud of me :P (see the English translation section).

Description: Kanji lyrics, Romaji lyrics and English translated lyrics of 2 to 1 (Ukyo & Hikaru ver.).
Note: Lyrics taken from booklet. The parts in brackets ( ) in the English translation are there to help the meaning flow smoother.
It's kind of interesting how Ukyo mixes some of his "lawyer" terminology into the lyrics.

[Translation] Brothers Conflict Drama CD 2nd Series CD 1 with Azusa and Tsubaki - Track 5

[HELP! Dying in Tsubaki Moe-ness!! >//////<]
Brothers Conflict 2nd Series CD 1 with Azusa and Tsubaki
Track 5 Scene 5: To You (from Tsubaki)

"You really are the ideal little sister", that is what I, a person with little-sister-fetish, believe you are.
But right now I think “You really are the ideal lover”.
Of course I love your cuteness and gentleness, but everyone also loves the you that display how over cautious and self-concious you are, for example when you’re by yourself and can’t stop worrying about things, or when you don’t really take notice of your surroundings, or when you can’t speak your thoughts directly.
For me, regarding the things that I love, I am willing to dedicate everything to it, which of course includes my job. All along you’ve been by my side and watching me, so you understand right?
For you, I will do everything possible to give you happiness.
If you are with me, then we’ll definitely have fun and be happy every single day!
Hey, after I’ve said all of this, surely your reply can only be ‘OK’ right?
Ne~ Get married to me.
You want me to say the proper version?
*clears throat* Please… marry me!

[Translation] Brothers Conflict Drama CD 2nd Series CD 3 with Iori and Fuuto - Track 10

pumpkin has been translating today! Note: this translation can also be found on my tumblr, so I'm not "stealing" things from other people; Though if you do see other people reposting my translations without crediting please let me know because we don't like thieves!

Here's the goodies:
Brothers Conflict Drama CD 2nd Series CD 3 with Iori and Fuuto
Track 10 Scene 5: To You (from Fuuto)

Hey you, isn’t it about time you wanted to say something to me?
If you’re not gonna say anything then I’ll say it. Marry me.
It’s frustrating, but I can’t think of anything but you.
I never get bored of your funny reactions to my practical jokes and teasing.
Any distrust, or mischievousness or cuteness you show… I’ve always been watching these traits you show.
After I’ve said all of this, surely your answer can only be ‘yes’?
Hurry up and say “I want to belong only to you”.
After we’re officially married, we’ll go on a date and hold hands as we walk around town in the broad daylight.
I know you’ve been keeping quite about this, but you’ve been holding yourself back all along right?
Fu (laugh)~ I know, because that’s you, that’s why I’ve been captivated by you.