December 12, 2013

Google Keep web app gets new design and features

Google Keep web

I use Google Keep for everything . When I suddenly remember I have to do something, I Keep it. It is quite the handy note-taking and reminder tool for your daily duties. 

A new update to the web version of Google Keep brings some new features to the service and makes it look more like the Android app.

The new Google Keep for the web looks just like Google Keep for Android now, complete with full color notes and text that scales to fit notes in the interface. The web app even supports the custom font Google uses for the Keep service.

Google Keep, for those who aren’t up on every single Google service, is the company’s note-taking and to-do list service. Keep is similar to services like Evernote, letting users store short notes, photos, or lists. It’s a helpful service for the forgetful, or those who simply want to have one place on the web and their phone to store quick notes and to-do lists.

[via Android Authority]

[Jap Culture] Japanese Traditional Footwear

A. Geta
- It's a type of footwear which is elevated due to practical reasons. It is commonly used to protect one's feet from getting wet from rainwater or snow.
- Oval geta for women; rectangular geta for men. ;3

B. Merchant's Geta
- Higher teeth (elevation), to protect one's feet from getting dirty/wet from the marketplace/trading area.

C. Okobo (Geta)
- Special geta meant to be used by geisha-in-training (also called maiko). Red straps represent newbie geisha.

D. Zōri
- Flat, slightly more formal than geta, usually associated with the kimono (geta --> yukata).

E. Tabi
- Japanese socks with toe separation between big toe and other 4 toes.

F. Jika-tabi (Tabi boots)
- (literally "tabi that contact the ground") 20th century modified tabi. They are heavy-duty (with rubber soles) and are meant to be used outdoors.

Did you know that according to Japanese superstition, breaking the thong/strap on one's geta is considered very unlucky!