November 29, 2013

Friday night drinks + Valvrave Episode 20

Friday night, finally the end of the week.
I wanted to relieve some stress built up from the whole week (I had to OT at work every single night for the past week because I had to finish off my boss' project that was due today, but deadline got extended till Tuesday).
Since there weren't any meeting tonight I decided to have a drink (or two) with my bishies (Yes that's my husbando Ukyo at the back), and enjoy some anime.
I went to the local liquor store after work and picked up this Fuji Apple + Ume (Japanese plum) cider. It's not bad, but since it's got plum the cider is slightly sour. I personally prefer cider made from Pink Lady apples because they have a sweeter fragrance. I also saw a Fuji Apple + Ginger cider, which I'm tempted to try next time.
So enjoy the following SS's from VVV.
Classy, they made reference to Don Quixote.
Oh whyyyyyy.
How on earth was L-Elf able to write on the ceiling?
Oh right, they can float "at will". 
I still don't understand Valvrave physics.
Stop it with the depressive thoughts L-Elf ;_-

Chrome Theme: Gurren Lagann

I felt generous today, so I decided to create another Chrome theme at the request of one of my friends, Mitko. He wanted a black and red theme of Gurren Lagann and so here it is! Enjoy again!

Chrome Theme: Kagamine Rin Orange

I finally had some free time to create another Chrome theme. This time it's Kagamine Rin and her orange (hence the name)! This is the first time doing a orange theme, so I hope you will like it!

Howl's Moving Castle

Someone decided to upload the whole movie of Howl's Moving Castle to their Google Drive storage and so here it is for anyone that wants to watch it streamed. Enjoy.