October 18, 2013

Pokemon XY - Episode 1+2 [v.P]

The new Pokemon anime series, Pokemon XY, was aired last night.
I'm extremely grateful for subbing-translation teams working hard to get this anime out! (There's no English subs out yet, I watched Chinese subs.)
There was a special double episode airing.
I really miss watching Pokemon. It was one of my main childhood memories - eating breakfast while watching Pokemon.
Hnnnnn you adorable little thing.
The animation/art has improved!!

New UtaPri event: Shining Theatrical Troupe!

Shining Office has announced yet another UtaPri event this morning!
This time our princes will star in a theatrical troupe! The troupe consists of three groups: Masquerade, Shinobi and Joker.

Things to look out for in this event:
1) Twitter: Between 18/10/2013 to 28/02/2014, the twitter accounts of Shining Office, including the idols and sensei's, will come alive again, and they will be sharing their daily routines with their fans.
2) New music/songs
3) New drama CDs
I'm sure there's more to come, so be sure to keep an eye out on the official website.
[Update: 2013.10.18.12:17]
The "Ninjas" are: Otoya, Masato, Syo and Cecil.
Their song title is "The invincible way of the Shinobi (ninja)" (天下無敵の忍び道).
The "Jokers" are: Ranran, Camus, Ichinose and Ren.
Their song title is "Joker Trap".
And the "Masquerade" are: Reiji, Ai and Natsuki.
Their song title is "Masquerade Mirage".

(Ps. I'll update this post a little later when more info is released.)

Featured Wallpaper: Persona 4 TVs

Cosplayer appreciation post: Reika

Reika is an amazing Japanese cosplayer. She did all of these UtaPri cosplays herself! (You really can't tell that these are all the same person!)
She makes all of her own costumes and props. 
She's been invited to numerous overseas events, and hopefully one day she can make her way to Australia! Last weekend, she was at Taiwan.
Her singing is pretty good as well.
You should check out her SnK cosplays too!