October 15, 2013

[Life] Time to throw my creativity into the new anime season

Friends, I have decided. The fandom/anime I will throw myself into this season (ie. create fanart and what not) will be MEGANEBU! So keep an eye out for my future works. :)
Meganebu! is one of those animes that you will either love or hate. 
The story is so ridiculously stupid (It's about 5 highschool boys who wears glasses and their interactions with each other; the story summary sounds boring, but they include jokes and emotional backstories), the art is so blinding (in terms of the colours used and drawing style), and everything seems so random.
Nevertheless, I fell in love with this series at first sight, and I think this anime deserves more love.
It's the faceless and nameless people that the producers were too lazy to draw.

Featured Wallpaper: Ghost in the Shell Building