October 13, 2013

Supplementary bishie post - Uroko-sama (Nagi no Asukara)

Oh look, just as I pressed the post button, Blogger's picture uploading function decides to work again. 
So you get double posts from me tonight.
Here's a screenshot of Uroko-sama (voiced by Tori-chan) from the anime Nagi no Asukara. 

[Life] This is a blog post

While I was afk at dinner tonight Megabubbletea messaged me, asking me if I could make a post on our blog today because he won't get home until much later. Of course I was happy to post. Unfortunately, Blogger is being stubborn tonight and won't let me upload pictures (I'm too lazy to learn html codes). So tonight you get to read this block of boring text instead of seeing pictures of bishies.
Let's see, what to talk about... Ah yes, I was chatting with Serah today and asked how her cosplay costume making was coming along since the event is about a month away, at which point she exclaimed: "Oh bugger(?), I forgot to ask <insert name> for her sewing machine. I should go do that soon."
Ack, I'm out of topics. Oh, hmm, well I'm currently seeking Namiwaka Daisuke's latest single "Jump Out Loud" and my searches haven't been successful, so I would be really happy if someone can find a source for the CD and let me know about it.
Ah yes, did anyone watch the Makai Ouji Niku Nama on Friday night (just passed)? It was really funny watching 5 men (Kakki, Terashi, Egu, Matsuoka and JunJun) spend under 1.5 hours eating yakiniku and drinking beer. Kakki downed 4 cups of beer within the first 45 minutes. Terashi ended up feeding Kakki his first piece of meat. Matsuouka was really quiet as usual and mostly focused on cooking meat for JunJun. Egu didn't eat much, despite him yelling out that he was really hungry. 
Alright, this should be a long enough post. And since the latest Magi episode finished downloading, I'm off to watch Magi!