October 12, 2013

What The Fox ACTUALLY Says!

Remember this post by Megabubbletea about a week ago? The "random" music video that sings about the noises that a fox makes. Well Animalist News tells us what the fox really says.

Miyano Mamoru teaches fans how to dance to Supernova

Last week Mamo held a live concert at Budokan. Many many fans and fellow seiyuus went to attend. In this video Mamo teaches the dance for Supernova so that fans could dance along with him at his live.

How many anime references can you spot in this week's Outbreak Company?

Too many titles!!
Note that at the back the magazines are called "Step", a rip off the shounen manga magazine "Jump".
Clearly, a rip off Miku.
Hataruku Maou sama, Railgun and Yondemasu yo azazel-san.
Clear a rip off Shingeki no Kyojin.

MeMuMo: Clarity (feat. Foxes) by Zedd

Title: Clarity (feat. Fixes)
Artist: Zedd
Year: 2012
Comments: It's been a while since my last music post, well here it is. Here is another catchy song by Zedd. If you heard Spectrum, you definitely will like Clarity as well.