October 8, 2013

[Download] Free! - Iwatobi Channel Vol. 2 (イワトビちゃんねるVol.2)

Someone asked me to upload this CD. So here it is. The second Free! Radio CD, with booklet.
Download link: here.
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Miku teaches us how important electricity is

How important is electricity? You probably didn't realize that nearly everything we use requires some form of energy (electricity) to run. Miku simply teaches us how important electricity is in this illustration above.

When we ride public transport, use the computer, sleep with the air-con on, having the light on at night, playing our favourite music, rummaging through the fridge, singing a song or crossing the road; everything uses electricity. 

Unboxing Parody: Calculators

Have you ever watched those electronic gadget unboxing videos floating around the internet? Well you will feel right at home watching this parody unboxing video about calculators! Boring as it sounds, it is actually quite an entertaining video as the reviewer in the video dryly explains the functionality and tests on the three calculators featured in the video. Give the video a go, and I'm sure you would find it humorous.