October 5, 2013

Pumpkin's [WIP] palette: Teiko Airlines part I.

Another 4 hours until KuroBasu season 2!!
I'll eventually draw the whole "Teiko Airlines"... maybe...
(Clearly, this is a spoof off the UtaPri Shining Airlines project.)

Seiyuu appreciation post: Eguchi Takuya's drawing skills

The latest Pokemon anime, Pokemon:The Origin, was aired a few nights ago, and seiyuu Eguchi Takuya is part of the cast voicing Green.
Last night he uploaded his Pikachu sketch on his twitter.
Well... he may have excelled in his career using his voice, but his artistic skills is somewhat lacking.

【Attack on Titan】 DIE YOUNG (SONG PARODY)

I came across this video while scrolling on Google+ and it is hilarious. Thanks to whoever posted this video on G+ and thanks to the awesome group that created the video!


I was planning to post a couple of reviews this weekend, but I may not have time due to school and life. Please be patience :D