September 30, 2013

Seiyuu appreciation post: Pheromen (Suwabe Junichi and Toriumi Kousuke)

The dual unit Pheromen 「フェロ☆メン」 consists of seiyuus Suwabe Junichi and Toriumi Kousuke, and their style lean towards Visual Kei.
They will be releasing a new single in 2 days! More information at their official site.
In the meantime, I'm rofling at Be-sama in this pic.

Atlus Opens Teaser Website, Possibly Hints to Persona 5

Atlus Opens Teaser Website, Includes “Persona” Keyword, Color Possibly Hints to Persona 5 (UPDATED)
Atlus just opened a new teaser website pointing to the November the 24, 2013 date, but what is the site about exactly?

The website includes the recently trademarked P-Studio logo, but the clincher is, as usual, in the source html code of the page:
The first Keyword, in Japanese, says “Persona” (the second is “Atlus”). That’s pretty much undeniable evidence that the site is related to the Persona franchise. The description says “On November the 24, 2013 something will happen…”

So what Persona game are we talking about? The site's color give it away. Since Persona 3 the promotional material and websites of numbered Persona games have been associated with one particular color.

Persona 3 was blue and Persona 4 was yellow. Is red next in line? Could it be Persona 5?

Windows 8 OS-tans!

Windows 8 has an anime mascot for the product  once again with Madobe Yuu and Madobe Ai!