September 10, 2013

Autumn 2013 Anime Previews

Now that Summer is over (in Japan) and Autumn is officially kicking in, despite the numerous tweets that Japan is still too hot, it's time to check out what's on the Autumn anime season and track down which ones will go on your 'to watch list'.
This website is very informative about the upcoming animes and I highly recommend it!
(I'm still trying to track down the compilation video of anime previews. I'll update once I find it.)
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So far I've got 40 animes on my 'To watch list' (@[email protected] That's over 20 hours each week; Or 3 hours each day... I am so dead), with 6 of them maybe dropping depending on the first (or second) episode. It seems like this season will be a sports anime season, having a total of 5 sports related animes. It appears that the Otome genre died down big time (I can only see at most two animes that lean towards the female fanservice lane), and Supernatural/Fantasy is the new wave to ride.

Flatter-looking Google logo spotted in Chrome Beta

Some of you might have already caught wind of a new rumor suggesting that Google may be preparing to refresh its logo with an alternate, flatter version. The rumor started when a flatter Google logo was spotted hidden inside of the latest version of the Chrome Beta for Android. Shortly after it was even sighted on Google’s servers, all but confirming the logo’s existence. As it turns out, the truth is a lot less glamorous.

According to Google sources reporting to the Verge, this an official Google logo, it’s just nothing new.

The flatter design is generally used in situations where the beveled logo doesn’t show up as well, such as certain printed documents and banners. As an example, the logo seems to appear in a 2010 Economic Impact report, though the colors seem a bit different from the logo above.

So if this isn’t a new logo but instead one meant for print, why did it show up in the Chrome Beta to begin with? Supposedly it was by mistake, and it has since been removed. Long story short, Google claims its logo isn’t going anywhere.

[via Android Authority]