September 6, 2013

PSP get. Otome heart unlocked!

I finally got my hands on a PSP thanks to my good friend Megabubbletea.
Although it is a third-hand hand-me-down, I am still very very excited.
First things first, time to put the games onto the memory card. (Computer says it's going to take 30 minutes... @[email protected])
What games did I put on it?
Well the main reason why I craved for a PSP is because most otome games run on this system. Including my very much loved... UTA NO PRINCE SAMA!! and Brothers Conflict.
//I quickly scanned the user manual while waiting for the files to transfer//
Next is to customize the machine and explore all the buttons.
Special Azusa theme from BroConf.
The long awaited moment... UTA NO PRINCE SAMA!! Start from game one: Repeat! (well technically this isn't the first UtaPri game, but Repeat is the revamped version of the original game, ie. it has better CGs).
Hello babies!! Mama is coming for you!! -kiss kiss-

Ubuntu 13.10 Beta Releases Available for Download

flavoursToday marks the Beta 1 milestone in the Ubuntu 13.10 development cycle.

Downloadable images for various Ubuntu flavours, including Lubuntu and Ubuntu GNOME, are now available.

Ubuntu proper (i.e. the one with Unity, Mir & Ubuntu One) is scheduled to take part in the next beta release due later this month.

Beta releases are not recommended for use as your main OS.

Not only will they be potentially buggy but they are also in various states of finish – vital features, functionality or hardware support may still be missing.

Head over here to download the Beta versions.

Gets your hands on cheaper Adobe CC with Photoshop and Lightroom

Adobe announced today that, for a limited time, it will offer a $9.99 per month subscription package to Creative Cloud as a part of its Photography Program. 

Naturally, there are a few caveats involved: the offer is available only to existing Creative Suite customers who own Photoshop CS3 or above and sign-ups close on December 31, 2013. The low price tag won't get you the full Creative Cloud treatment; the Photography Program will grant you access to the diet version, which includes Photoshop CC, Lightroom 5, Behance ProSite access and 20GB of storage space. 

It's a smart move on Adobe's part, considering that the company has been fielding complaints from disgruntled customers over its subscription pricing model. You'll have to wait until September 17th for the offer to go live, but the good news is that the $9.99 monthly rate isn't an introductory price, therefore it won't increase so long as your account remains active.

[via Engadget]