August 30, 2013

Ono Daisuke's new mini album PV preview

The Lantis Youtube channel posted a short preview for OnoD's upcoming mini-album, Upstairs and Downstairs. The two songs being 「Kiss Kiss Kiss」 and 「モノクロの虹」 (Monokuro no Niji). 
Kiss Kiss Kiss shows off OnoD as a Casanova, much like his previous single Delight. While Monokuro no Niji goes for the serious wet look. Either way, be dazzled by this 35 year old man!

Miyano Mamoru new song 「Identity」 PV released

To promote Mamo's upcoming album 「Passage」, the PV for one of the songs, Identity, has been revealed!
I love the dance and the costumes!

Seiyuu appreciation post: Shimono Hiro and Suwabe Junichi

Just randomly selected a picture from my "Seiyuu" folder, so not to leave today's blog post blank; and I have to go to meeting tonight so no time to scroll through anime/music updates.

Featured Wallpaper: Freefalling Miku

Miku freefalling from the sky in the clouds.