August 29, 2013

Nintendo announces 2DS. My reaction: What!?

My first initial impression of the Nintendo 2DS was: what was Nintendo thinking? This looks like a child's toy. Although it seems a bit weird, the 2DS still features everything the 3DS has except the 3D and without a clamshell design.

While Nintendo was the first to offer a 3D console, it seems the move hasn't worked as well as the company had hoped: in October, it will launch onto the market a new device called the 2DS.

The big selling point of the 2DS will be its price point. In the US, it will retail for US$129.99, compared to the 3DS, which retails for US$169. In Australia, the 3DS retails for AU$199; the 2DS will come in at AU$149.95.

For gamers with a lower budget, the 2DS could be a real winner, allowing access to Nintendo's latest handheld games and the Nintendo eShop, something that the DS can't provide. It also has Wi-Fi and the 3DS' dual cameras, while a sleep switch on the bottom performs the same function as closing the 3DS.

The new console will be available in two colours, blue and red, on 12 October in Australia. A carrying case will retail separately.

Uta no Prince-Summer! Update

Ooooo I never realised until Suwabe tweeted about it. Prince "SUMMER" is a pun on the "sama" of Uta no Prince sama, since they sound almost the same in Japanese.
Also, the Prince Summer site updated, announcing the 5th project, being Prince Summer goods. There will be clear files, note books, badges, poster and bracelets.

Google+ update adds auto-awesome notifications, bug fixes, and more

Google+ Plus logo

Google+ has started rolling out a new update today. The update isn’t huge but it does come with some essentials and a new feature. Among other things, the typical bug fixes and performance enhancements will be there. The big new feature, though, is getting a notification when your photos get auto-awesome’d.

The update hasn’t rolled out to everyone yet so if you haven’t gotten it, just hang in there. It’ll roll out to you soon. For those who keep track, this will be version 4.1.1.